Use EU payment systems within Kajabi iDeal, BanContact, Sofort, Sepa & more

Easy to use and set up. Works inside Kajabi.
Use invoices & calulate VAT based on EU law.
Check-out & invoices in English, French, German & Dutch


The EU payment plugin for Kajabi

Within Kajabi you will get a special Linktopay checkout page, from which you can sell your product. Everything works within Kajabi. You no longer need external systems.

Use your own look & feel from Kajabi.


Create your own checkout or use our samples

All examples are created from the same template and downloadable to use on your own Kajabi website. Creativity is unlimited.

Add multiple payment options, upsells, testimonials, additional product information as much as you like, or use a plain simple checkout form. You can create anything you want.

You can still become a Kajabi Hero

Although external payments are not registered in the Kajabi statistics, you still can become a Kajabi hero and get all the goodies and swag. More information, can be found inside our support environment.

"With the Business Boost Event we support entrepreneurs in their growth. After we decided to create online training courses in addition to the events, we started looking for a high-quality platform (Kajabi) and a partner who can coordinate the online payments.

We have the pleasure to work with a real Kajabi Expert, Bastiaan de Koning from A real pleasure, the customer focus is fantastic. Everything runs smoothly. The payments are safe. And if you have a question, they are quickly prepared to speak to you. Recommended. " 

~ Greet Bunnens - Business Booster  



Easy to use - vat and invoices included

Works inside Kajabi *

Linktopay is a plugin for your Kajabi Pages. You can maintain the same look & feel as your other Kajabi. Create a reliable experience for your customers.

Easy to use

Linktopay works like Kajabi. In just a few clicks you can sell your Kajabi products. After a successful sale your new client gets access to your courses automatically. No external VA needed.

Including invoices & VAT

Kajabi cannot create invoices or calculate VAT. Linktopay does the job! Your clients get fully automated an invoice with the correct VAT (EU calculated). You can also overrule the VAT yourself.

* Linktopay integrates very extensively with Kajabi. There are a few limitations because of the choices on how Kajabi works. This happens with all external external payment system. Kajabi only records payments through their own platforms Stripe and Paypal. Linktopay payments are not shown as turnover in the dashboard of Kajabi. Linktopay has its own dashboard within Kajabi. It is also not possible to update the order bump, the internal coupon codes or the internal affiliate system from Kajabi. Linktopay therefore has its own coupon code and referral system.

You can use the following payment services

With Linktopay you can connect your Kajabi to all the payment services provided by Mollie.


Most used payment method in The Netherlands.


Most populair payment method used in Belgium.


Payment method preferred by 20 million in 8 different countries.

Credit card

Accept Payments from all over the world using credit card.


Payment method used by 184 million around the world.

Klarna (soon)

We currently work on a Klarna integration

Apple Pay

Easy payments using your apple device anywhere.

+ Many more

Check out mollie for more payment methods.

Linktopay Pricing

Monthly subscription

€ 50,-

ex vat, € 600 yearly

  • Checkout Page within Kajabi
  • Cancel monthly
  • Invoices
  • Multiple payments
  • Discounts, coupons
  • Intregrate with Kajabi marketing
  • EU VAT calculation
  • XLS sheet with all payments

Yearly subscription

€ 500,-

ex vat, Two months discount when paid yearly

  •  Checkout Page within Kajabi
  • Cancel yearly
  • Invoices
  • Multiple payments
  • Discounts, coupons
  • Intregrate with Kajabi marketing
  • EU VAT calculation
  • XLS sheet with all payments
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