FAQ - All about Linktopay



Q: Who is Linktopay for?

Linktopay is for all Kajabi users who need a EU payment service other than Stripe or Paypal.

Q: Which payment systems do you support?

Linktopay currently supports: iDEAL, BanContact, Sofort, EPS, SEPA, Credit Cards, Paypal, Giropay, KBC/CBC, ING Home'Pay, Belfius, Przelewy24. 

At the moment Klarna is not supported.

Q: Does Linktopay work in my country?

Linktopay works on the European mainland. Linktopay uses the Payment Service Provider Mollie to collect your payments. If Mollie supports your country and payment service, Linktopay can offer this too with the exception of Klarna at the moment.

Q: Is Linktopay affiliated with Kajabi?

Linktopay is an independent company and has no affiliation with Kajabi.

Q: Does Kajabi provide support?

Kajabi does not support for Linktopay. If you need help, please contact us.

Q: Do I still need Zapier or other systems?

No. You don't need Zapier or Quaderno or other technical tools.

Q: Do I need technical knowledge to use Linktopay?

No. If you can work with Kajabi you can work with Linktopay. You will get your own checkout page within Kajabi to sell your products. If you still have questions, all steps are explained in detailed videos.

Q: Can Linktopay access my Kajabi website?

No. The Linktopay platform does not have direct access to your page or your Kajabi website. After successful payment, Linktopay sends the customer data to Kajabi to add a customer to your Kajabi website.

Q: Will Kajabi's affiliate system work for my Linktopay sales?

Linktopay has its own referral option, so you can give affiliate commission if you want.

Q: Do Kajabi Offer settings work?

The Kajabi Offers are connected to Stripe or Paypal. All offer settings do not apply to the Linktopay Checkout. This is because of the architecture of Kajabi. You will not see the Linktopay sales in the following sections within Kajabi: Sales Dashboard, Coupons, Payments, Affiliates.

Q: Does Linktopay also work with other learning platforms then Kajabi?

Currently not. There is no eta yet.

Q: Can I make money by selling Linktopay

Currently we do not have an active partner plan. But we work with Linktopay users who have a serious plan to promote Linktopay. If you have an idea how you can promote Linktopay, contact us.

Q: Why can't I use Stripe for iDeal payments

The integration between Kajabi and Stripe doesn't support iDeal. This is because the architecture for iDeal is completely different than credit cards.

It is not possible to use Stripe as an integrated service inside Kajabi for your iDeal or BanContact payments.

Q: Will Kajabi integrate Ideal or BanContact?

Not likely and certainly not in the near future.


Q: Can I also sell other products than Kajabi courses?

Yes. With Linktopay you can sell everything from your Kajabi website. Of course your online courses, but also services or coaching, or physical products. After a successful sale you will receive the customer details by email, after which you can contact your customer about the service or send your product if desired.

Q: Will new customers automatically get access to their course on my Kajabi website?

Yes. On your Linktopay checkout page you indicate which product your new customer will receive within your Kajabi learning environment. After a successful payment, your customer will automatically receive access. Within Kajabi you can indicate which emails your customer will receive, such as login details or a welcome email.

Q: Will I be notified of a successful / unsuccessful purchase?

Yes. You will always receive a message by email after a purchase. In the event of a failed purchase, you will receive the customer details so that you can contact us. With a successful purchase you will also receive a copy of the invoice.

Q: Can I see my sales within Kajabi?

Kajabi does not support external sales in your Kajabi stats. But Linktopay comes with its own dashboard that you can install in your own Kajabi app.

Q: Can I download an overview of the sales?

Yes. Within your Linktopay dashboard you get an overview of all successful sales.

Q: Can I make installments?

Yes. You can indicate on your Linktopay sales page the option to pay in seperate payments.

Q: Can I do subscriptions?

Yes. You can indicate on your Linktopay sales page that you want monthly and annual subscriptions.

Q: How can I stop subscriptions or installments?

On your Linktopay Dashboard you can stop the subscriptions or installments. Linktopay does not stop access to your online training.

Q: Will access to a Kajabi product stop when a payment fails?

No, your client keeps his/her access to your product with a failed payment for an installment or subscription.

Q: Will access to a Kajabi product stop when a subscription stops?

No, your client keeps his/her access to your product when a subscription stops. You can revoke the access in Kajabi by hand.

Q: Can I give discounts?

Yes. Linktopay has the option to give a discount per product. This can be fixed or a percentage.

Q: Can I use coupon codes?

Yes, every product has the option to use 3 different coupon codes.

Q: Can Linktopay link directly with my accounting package?

Not directly. But you can include a rule in your email program that forward the emails the sales invoices are directly to your accounting package.

Q: Can Linktopay send credit notes on my behalf?

Yes, you can do this from the Linktopay Dashboard with just one click.


Q: What is the Linktopay Checkout?

With Linktopay you get a new Kajabi Page Template that you can install inside your own Kajabi app.  We call it the Linktopay Checkout page. This new page replaces the Kajabi Offer Checkout. This is needed, because Kajabi cannot handle VAT or invoicing.

Q: Can I customize the checkout?

Yes, the checkout is a normal Kajabi Page. You can edit this page as much or less as you like. Linktopay injects a simple checkout form to collect your clients data. This form has it's own fixed layout, although you can change the color fo the checkout button.

Q: Can I see some examples fro the checkout page?

You can get a complete demo of the payment process here >>

Q: Can I still use the Kajabi Offer?

For EU payment systems you need the Linktopay checkout. Linktopay can also handle the credit card and Paypal payments if you want that. But if you sell outside the EU, you can use the Kajabi Offer pages too. Both systems work besides eachother.

Q: What languages does the Checkout support?

Currently: Dutch, English, German, French. Feel free to contact us for different languages if you can help us with the translation.

Q: How do I select a different language?

You chose the language per product. If you need multiple languages for the same checkout page, simple create multiple checkout pages and link them together.

Q: In which language does LInktopay communicate with my client?

This will be Dutch, English, German, French based on your settings for the checkout page.

Q: In which language is the invoice?

This will be Dutch, English, German, French based on your settings for the checkout page.

Q: In which language will the actual payment be?

The payments are made within the Mollie app. Mollie switches its language to your clients browser language. If your clients serves the internet with a browser in German, the actual payment process will be in German too.


Q: How do you collect the money?

We don't. Linktopay only offers the integration between Kajabi and the payment service provider Mollie. This is done automatically so you don't have to deal with the technical issues. Mollie is a payment service provider and will collect the payments.

Q: Will Linktopay have access to my bank account?

No. Linktopay only communicates with the Mollie payment service and does not gain access to your bank account or payment details in any way.

Q: Do I always need Mollie as a payment system?

Yes. Linktopay makes use of the wide range of options offered by Mollie, such as installment payments and subscriptions.

Q: How is the money collected from the sales?

The actual sale takes place within your own Mollie account. The funds go directly to your account. Linktopay does not collect money. Linktopay only refers to Mollie.

Q: How do I manage the payments, charge backs etc

Mollie has it's own detailed dashboard from which you can manage all your payments. 

Q: Am I charged per sale?

Linktopay has a fixed monthly or yearly fee. Mollie charges a fixed price or a percentage form your sales, based on the sales method your client choses. You can find more info about Mollie's pricing here.


Q: How is VAT calculated?

VAT is calculated on the basis of the EU VAT rules. In short, this works as follows:
- As a default the VAT is calculated based on your countries VAT.
- If you sell internationally to entrepreneurs the VAT will be reversed.
- You have the option to sell according to MOSS rules
- You can overrule the VAT percentage with your own.

Q: Will my customers receive an invoice with VAT?

Yes. After a completed payment, your customers will immediately receive an invoice by email with the product name, discount and VAT and in the name of your company, company details and with your company logo. This invoice is sent on behalf of Linktopay. Customers cannot communicate with Linktopay about the content of the purchase or invoice.

Q: Can I hide the VAT for consumers?

Yes. You can indicate that you do not want to show the calculated VAT. The VAT will not appear during the checkout process but only on the invoice.

Q: How is reversed VAT handled?

If you collect address info, company name and the VAT registration number, the VAT will be reversed (set to 0%) if you sell to EU entrepreneurs outside of you country. You will find the VAT number and the text 'Reversed VAT' on the invoice. Note that the VAT number isn't checked if it is a real number.

Q: How do I set up the VAT?

In your checkout page fill in the price without the VAT. At the VAT tab, select how the VAT must be calculated. Linktopay will automatically calculate the VAT and add it to the total price.

Q: My price is 96,99 or 97,01?

This can happen if you want to show a price to consumers and hide the VAT. Add a 3rd digit to the price and the VAT calculation will be correct like: 80,165. With 21% VAT this will sum up to exactly € 97,00


Q: What data does Linktopay store about my customers?

Linktopay stores the name and address of your customer, the product purchased and the associated price of successful sales.
Linktopay can delete stored customer data upon request.

If you become a customer of Linktopay, you will receive a processor agreement based on the GDPR.

Q: How secure is Linktopay?

Linktopay is secured with various methods to guarantee payments as well as to prevent the website from being hacked. A backup system is always running in the background. Payments are made OUTSIDE Linktopay at Mollie. Linktopay has no access to your payment details or bank account.

Q: Where are the terms and conditions?

You can find the general terms and conditions here.


Q: Why does Linktopay cost money?

We built Linktopay as an add-on for Kajabi. It took a lot of effort and time. Linktopay is a small niche company and your subscription is used to improve Linktopay. 

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription every month with one month timeframe. You can cancel your yearly subscription up to one month before the next year. Just send us an email, and we will cancel your subscription.

Q: Is there a downtime when I go from a trial to paid account?

No, there isn't.

Do you still have questions? Send us an email.